Some nice Shaolin Da Hong Quan from Monkey Steals Peach

Just a short post today, but I really liked this video of Shaolin Da Hong Quan (“Big Hong Fist”) from Will at Monkey Steals Peach. He shows some applications at the end too, so keep watching. The applications look like some I learned in Tai Chi, and I can see some of the punches have a lot of similarity with Xingyiquan. More evidence that Chinese martial arts are all one big family.

One thought on “Some nice Shaolin Da Hong Quan from Monkey Steals Peach

  1. Well, if the Chen Family martial manuals are to be believed, Chen Wangting’s old frame curriculum contained a 23-movement set of Hong Quan (Red Fist). Hong Quan is also thought to be related to Taizu Changquan, Hong being the Song Dynasty Emperor’s family name. And Hong Quan has been a common village style for centuries.

    Of course, the Seventeenth-century Hong Quan used in the Chen Family would be specialized by their demands, and have only vestiges related to the evolution of 21st century Shaolin Hong Quan. But, I think acknowledging the link can provide context, if not insight, into modern taijiquan.


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