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Elite Sports Ultra Light Preshrunk Adult Gi for BJJ

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This is a quality gi for BJJ practitioners, and represents great value at around £60. Check out my full review here.






The King, (Netflix 2019)

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The King (Netflix 2019) is the story of the rise of King Henry V and the battle of Agincourt against the French (1415).



Xing Yi Quan – A study of Tai and Tuo Xing

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The focus of this book is on two of Xing Yi’s 12 animals: Tai and Tuo, but it also covers an awful lot of general Xing Yi theory. The inclusion of a full translation of the two most important Xing Yi classics writings – the Classic of Unification and the Classic of Fighting, from Yue Fei’s 10 Important Thesis – is particularly welcome.





Hidden in Plain Sight – Ellis Amdur



A thorough investigation of the martial power of Morihei Ueshiba and a massive amount of research into the origins of Aikido.







Internal Body Mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi – Ken Gullette

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Anybody who has attempted to learn Tai Chi in any depth instantly realises that the choreography of a form is just that – choreography – and that the devil is in the details. Internal Body Mechanics is all about the details: How you move, what you move and where you move it to.







Strikes – Soul meets Body – Vladimir Vasiliev & Scott Meredith

The new book on Systema by one of the modern gatekeepers of the art. Read my review of this really interesting book here, written by Vladimir and Scott Meredith.










Possible Origins, Scott Park Phillips – Part 1

A look at how Chinese theatre, religion, and martial arts are all part of the same puzzle. This is a fascinating book and I’d recommend it for all students of Chinese martial arts.








The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary – Angelika Frtiz

A handy dictionary of all the terms commonly associated with Taijiquan and Qigong.