The big reads

Some of my blog posts are longer, more popular, or just more in-depth than others, so I’ve collected them here.

I’ve gathered together my most popular posts, given them a lick of paint and spruced them up and put them on my Medium page. That should be your first port of call.

Here are some of my favourite:

Are all Chinese martial arts really ex-military arts?
A look at the origins of Chinese martial arts.

The Animals of Xing Yi’s San Ti Shi
A video demonstration of the five animals that make up the San Ti Shi (Three trinity) posture of Xing Yi.  

The importance of Dragon to Xing Yi
Why the Dragon is especially important to Xing Yi, and what it represents.

Make Xing Yi wild again
Training martial arts in the time of the global pandemic, and the opportunities it offers us.

The Tai Chi Classic – a new interpretation [part 1]
The Tai Chi Classic – a new interpretation [part 2]
My own interpretation of this classic writing on martial arts. 

Tai Chi: What moving from the dantien actually means
The key to unlocking Tai Chi movement.

Tai Chi is opening and closing happening simultaneously
How Tai Chi works in practice.

Tai Chi should be heavy like a stone
Sinking in Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Miasma, or “No, the fight is not over just because you’ve got me off balance.”
Always guard against delusion.

Jin, by definition, requires intent
The use of Intent in Tai Chi Chuan.

Don’t put power into the form, let it naturally arise from the form
Advice for good Tai Chi Chuan

What is Qi?
When we talk about Qi (Chi) in martial arts, what do we mean?

Brothers in arms -Rickson Gracie and Tai Chi
A discussion of the similarities between BJJ and Tai Chi.

The Tai Chi Magician
Woo! Everywhere is Woo!

Martial arts as theatre, theatre as martial arts – Meeting Scott P Philips
A new theory on the origins of Tai Chi.

Wave Hands Like Clouds
A comparison of this popular Taiji sequence in the different styles of Taijiquan.

Full contact Tai Chi. A painful lesson in reality
What happens when a Tai Chi “master” takes on an MMA coach?

How meridians relate to Tai Chi
Let’s find out what these channels are all about…

Your Kung Fu demo doesn’t look like fighting, and I don’t care
Very rarely does a kung fu demo look like real fighting, but so what?

Spiraling the Shield Fist
A discussion of the similarities between Viking and Chinese martial arts.

Wing Chun (Ding Hao) vs MMA (Xu Xiao Dong), in China
Xu Xiao Dong continues his quest to challenge Kung Fu masters in China.

The lost jin skills of Judo
If you’ve seen Olympic Judo matches you can see it’s an incredibly athletic sport that requires supreme physical conditioning and strength mixed with a high level of technique. But is today’s Judo really where the art originally started out?

Ido Portal and the possibilities of Neijia
The ‘Master of Movement’ has a healthy respect for the ‘internal’ Chinese martial arts.

The delusion of grace under pressure
Surprise! Fighting looks like…. fighting.

King of swords – was the katana the ultimate weapon?
It might be time to rethink what we know about ancient swords.

The problems with being a teacher
This is something I’ve seen happen a lot in martial arts.

Jin in Chinese martial arts (and tennis)
A look at how you can bring the power of the ground to your hands.

Tao Te Ching, chapters 8 and 61
The question of hard vs soft.