I’m involved with a couple of podcasts. Firstly there’s my actual podcast:

The Tai Chi Notebook Podcast

In my podcast I interview other people I know or find interesting in the martial arts.

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I started the Heretics podcast with my friend, teacher and longtime collaborator, Damon Smith of FoxFist.com (and other places!). It’s a podcast about what Damon calls the miasma, and its effects through human history. We delve into many other related areas, particularly spiritual traditions and martial arts.

We kicked things off with a 5-part series called the ‘History of Jujustu and Kempo’.

Surprising things I’ve learned from doing this podcast so far:

  • Western Boxing is older than Karate in Japan, and older than Jiujitsu in Brazil. The first Western boxing gym was established in Japan in 1896.
  • Kano Jigoro, the founder of Judo, went from never having trained martial arts at all, to founding his own style in less than 6 years.
  • Jiujitsu has been in Brazil longer than Karate has been in Japan.

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Here’s the episode we did on Aikido:

Listen to “#6 Aikido Heresies” on Spreaker.