I’m involved with a couple of podcasts. Firstly there’s the podcast which belongs to this blog: The Tai Chi Notebook podcast, which is all about Tai Chi and other Chinese martial arts, but there’s also Heretics, where I’m the co-host with Damon Smith.

The Tai Chi Notebook Podcast

In this podcast I interview people I know, or find interesting, in the world of Tai Chi and martial arts. It’s skewed towards Chinese martial arts, but I also interview people from BJJ and other arts.

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Heretics Podcast

I started the Heretics podcast with my friend, teacher and longtime collaborator, Damon Smith of FoxFist.com (and other places!). It’s a podcast about what Damon calls the miasma, and its effects through human history. We delve into many other related areas, particularly spiritual traditions and martial arts.

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You can also get Heretics on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Also, check out the Heretics website.