We have a Facebook group


You may have noticed that I’m ramping up the features on the blog – we now have shareable buttons at the end of each story, so you can share it on social media, or email it to a friend.

I’ve also added a new page on Finding a Tai Chi class, which links to the excellent Tai Chi Finder website, and answers a question I frequently get asked.

I’ve also created aTai Chi Notebook Facebook Page. If you want to be notified of new posts on this blog then I suggest ‘liking’ the Facebook page is a good idea, as they will then automatically appear in your newsfeed.

One of the consequences of adding  a Facebook Page was that some older blog posts get rediscovered. Last week my blog post on The Tai Chi Magician proved very popular once again thanks to a link back from my friend and skilled Tai Chi practitioner Scott at Tabby Cat blog and MERGE Facebook group (closed).

We also have a Twitter account.


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