Tai Chi Notebook video round-up: 27/1/16

The best martial arts videos posted in the last week from the world of Tai Chi and beyond…

Xing Yi Quan Snake vs. The Jab – Moving into grappling range (Hsing I Chuan)
By Xing Yi Academy

The Science Of Mental Toughness – Firas Zahabi on Inside Quest
By Tristar Gym

Popular Bagua master, He Jing-Han has a new video showing arm rotations:

The #1 Mistake Made by Martial Arts Instructors
By Gracie Breakdown:

Sword & Buckler Fencing with Sharp Swords
by Dimicator

How to Defend Against the Backstep Guard Pass by Roberto ‘Gordo ‘Correa
By Stephan Kesting

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