Exciting new website


I want to give a ‘shout out’ here to my friend Paul and his amazing new venture, the XingYi Academy website, and Facebook page.

In his own words:

“There is not much there now but that will change very soon, regular blog updates and later a full members area with loads of content and instructional videos.

Just a few of the things we have planned:

I am already embarking on a project with one of my students who is fluent in Chinese to make a translation of Yue Fei’s Theses and interpret them from a martial context to show their relevance to Xing Yi practice. This will be added to the members area when we’re done and we hope to also publish our translation academically and in a simplified form as a paperback.

I’ve just bought an antique Chinese spearhead and hope to restore it and show some xing yi spear with a real spear with a real historical spear head. (I’ve also got a live spear head and hope to put up some video of test cutting with a live spear too). We might even film some Xing Yi Archery at some point ;)

We’re big on full contact fighting and we’ll definitely be showing how Xing Yi can be used for real, hence our tag line “Real Xing Yi”.

I’m hoping we’re going to raise the bar and set a new standard for Xing Yi online, in terms of depth and amount of content (we seem to have sheds of stuff and from experience I’ve not found any other school with the sheer amount of material I’ve managed to learn or discover especially in 12 animals xing yi), but also in terms of quality of the media, we’re looking to really up the game and make everything to the highest standard we can. As we grow we’ll even go over the older material and update it and increase the quality when we have new camera equipment or space to film in etc.

And at the end of the day we’re just going to put all our stuff out there, whether people are beginners, experienced, whether they like what we do or not I guarantee we’ll be presenting things that will be new to a lot of people and I’m sure all Xing Yi practitioners will find something to take away. And we’ll happily engage in debate and discussion, we hope to be able to provide members forum and some kind of Q&A/two way feedback discussion with members and with me and the other XYA guys once we get going down the line.

We hope to have a mailing list up and running by the end of next week, maybe even by Monday but for now if anyone would like to take a look please do so. Support and feedback is much appreciated.”

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