The best way to stay on a sinking ship

Alignment matters, but not that much

We talk a lot about alignment in Tai Chi, but often this is done by looking at a static posture. The hip is aligned with the shoulder here, the elbow aligns with the knee here, etc… We do this because it’s easier to do it this way, but we should never forget that alignment is something that happens as you move.

Biomechanist Katy Bowman discusses this often ignored movement aspect of alignment in the first episode of the Katy Says podcast.

Give it a listen. I particularly like the analogy that ergonomics is the best way to stay on a sinking ship.

One thought on “The best way to stay on a sinking ship

  1. That is why a trainer or master is so important to look at a student and point out misalignment during movement. Later the student will have to cultivate the awareness to sense it him/herself. Good article thank you.


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