Ep 24: George Thompson on Tai Chi and Taoism from Wudang mountain

George Thompson is a film maker and Tai Chi teacher who studied on Wudang Mountain in China under Master Gu.

His videos at https://www.youtube.com/@George-Thompson have been watched by over 15 million people and has over 200K subscribers. He runs the Wayfinder Academy at https://www.wayfinder.academy through which he teaches online courses for balanced living.

In this episode I ask George what it is like to live and train Tai Chi on Wudang Mountain, what Wudang Tai Chi is like and what lessons he’s learned from Taoism.

You too can learn from George’s teacher, Master Gu, 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai of Wudang mountain via his online learning site at https://www.taoistwellness.online/

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You can get a similar discount from George’s website https://www.wayfinder.academy/ using the same discount code TAICHINOTEBOOK when you sign up.


2 thoughts on “Ep 24: George Thompson on Tai Chi and Taoism from Wudang mountain

  1. Thanks – I did a bit of gentle probing about history, but decided, in the spirit of the Tao to follow where the river was going 🙂


  2. Graham, you did a nice job of treating your guest with respect and focusing on the positive while still asking some “hard” questions.

    In that spirit, I’ll just say, Thank you.


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