Martial arts meme time

I seem to have had a lot of variations of this conversation over the years. I think it would make a good meme.

Traditional martial arts teacher: The point of martial arts is to walk away from any encounter, and if possible win!

MMA/BJJ fighter: OK! [chokes out much larger opponent in a cage match with very few rules]

Traditional martial arts teacher: No, not like that.

So here goes šŸ™‚

One thought on “Martial arts meme time

  1. Funny meme and the last panel reminded me of the year of tae kwon I did back in the 1980s, the instructor was a big, scary-looking ex-Korean military man who had moved to Canada. At one point in a class with him, one of the students asked him if he had ever used his tae kwon do in a real fight. His answer was “sort of”.

    The student said “how so?”

    The instructor replied “It was in a bar. I hit the guy with a chair and he went down.”


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