4 thoughts on “Xing Yi Zuan Quan

  1. Byron’s xingyi teacher, Di Guoyong, has an excellent series of texts and DVDs on his line of Hebei xingyiquan out. The texts have been translated by Andrea Falk. The text and DVD material goes into quite a bit of depth, especially in theory. The excellence of Byron’s distillation of all of that other voluminous material into the how-to and why of each practice makes a superb “primer” in the true sense of that word.

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  2. Byron is a true “master” of his craft. Having dedicated many many years of blood, sweat and tears to this art form.


  3. I have been practising some aspects of xingyiquan for decades [I still consider myself an amateur and have no “lineage” in that discipline] and must say that these are some of the best video displays that I have seen of xingyi basics — in terms of precision, quality of body use and the kind of effortlessness that only ever comes from the effort of endless hours or attention to detail.


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