Rest in Power, Anthony Bourdain

There’s a thoughtful piece on addiction, wellness and martial arts over at our good friends Kung Fu Tea that’s worth a read.

Although I never met him, as a fellow practitioner of “old man Jiujitsu” the loss of Anthony Bourdain hit me hard. It felt like we lost a warrior, an inspiration and friend all at the same time.

Rest in Power Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018), Renzo Gracie Blue Belt.


Photo Credit: Helen Cho

One thought on “Rest in Power, Anthony Bourdain

  1. Anthony Bourdain’s was a life worth remembering. I enjoy cooking and traveling, so I focused on those aspects while he was with us. But even though I don’t train jiujitsu, I found his example inspiring–it really seemed like BJJ had helped heal him in some way. His passing is another reminder to take nothing for granted and to cherish life and each other, every day.


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