Wing Chun (Ding Hao) vs MMA (Xu Xiao Dong), in China

After his fight with the “Tai Chi master” Wei Lei, which rocked the contemporary martial arts scene in China, Xu Xiao Dong, the MMA fighter on a mission to expose “fake masters” is back on the scene this time showing his skills against a Wing Chun fighter.

China doesn’t have the sort of government regime which tolerates people who rock the boat, so I’m pleased to see that Xu is no longer under detention, as I feared we may never have seen him again after what happened last time.

Here’s the fight:


It’s a pretty ugly fight. Here are my takeaways:

  • Ding Hao clearly lacks realistic sparring experience, as he falls apart pretty quickly. His grappling was non-existent.
  • Xu Xiao Dong is pretty much a ‘stand and bang’ type fighter. Or maybe he felt so unthreatened by Ding that he didn’t feel the need to do much of anything else.
  • The ref makes some daring saves!
  • Why are they wearing such different clothing? Ding has shoes on! Only Xu is wearing gloves. Xu is grabbing Ding’s clothing to throw and control him. It’s a mess.
  • Why are they fighting on what looks like a red carpet used for movie premieres or award shows?
  • If you watch Ding throughout the fight you can see him try to adapt as he realises what he is doing isn’t working. He starts off looking very much like classical Wing Chun and ends up looking more like Jeet Kune Do. It’s like watching the evolution of Bruce Lee in microcosm!

Here’s some background about Xu Xiao Dong and his fights and detention by police in China:


Fight against Wei Lei:




6 thoughts on “Wing Chun (Ding Hao) vs MMA (Xu Xiao Dong), in China

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  3. Hello dears everybody. This post goes specially to Mr. Xu Xiaodong…

    I would like to challange Mr. Xu Xiaodong or his best student to a match. I am a practioner of tai chi and other internal martial arts of china. Sadly I do not live in China. If someone (youtube told me Xu is business man!) could sponsor my trip to China in next Christmas, I would have time to develop my chi, yang, ying ja jing to possibly win in this outstanding and significant matchup of traditional vs. modern fighting styles. This also is impossible to arrange in any other way. My e-mail is, don`t contact me if it is not about considering this business mentioned here, and Police don`t bother me because I am no criminal and I have never violated any laws of countries(religions have their own laws but it`s illusional, only real laws matter btw). And if someone still contacts me eventough it is mentioned here not to(idiots=stupid people), then those people contacting me have to meet my ninjas.

    -the Masked


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