Asian Boss: What do Chinese people think of Blackface?

As China makes more entries onto the world stage elements of an isolated culture are clashing full on with a global culture that has, how shall we say? Moved on a bit… There was a recent incident of Blackface appearing on a popular Chinese show, the Lunar New Year TV gala, where Chinese people dressed up as African people for laughs. The show was watched by 800 million people. 800 MILLION PEOPLE! Those numbers are staggering.

The following video about the show is interesting, especially if you watch past around the 10-minute mark where a black lady living in China gives her view on daily life in China and the sort of casual racism she encounters.

My general impression from watching the video is that it’s coming from a position of ignorance, not of hate. I can’t help but see the parallels to how the UK used to be when my grandparent’s generation were running things. Blackface used to happen regularly on British TV, most famously the Black and White Minstrel Show in the 1960s. Things will move on.


Also: Reviews of Black Panther from China.

2 thoughts on “Asian Boss: What do Chinese people think of Blackface?

  1. “….it’s coming from a position of ignorance, not of hate.” Heh. In other words, if people from one of the longest extant civilizations in the world don’t believe and concur with your trendy ideas on racism, etc., they are simply “ignorant”???? Any possibility that your own views might be at fault? Of course not … it would be ignorant to think that. I don’t know which word leaps to mind first: “patronizing” or “hubris”. 😉

    By the way, there are quite a number of peoples on the earth that look down on less-successful people and cultures. I just shrug … who am I to insist that everyone believe exactly as I do? What they’re doing might not accord with current perceptions of self-guilt and political correctness, but what they’re doing certainly accords with Evolution, if you think about it. Evolution isn’t just a good idea: it’s the law.


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