they pretend to know it by pretending not to know it.

Great blog post.

“Our ancestors are very great, the principle of Taichi is very mysterious and beyond every word,” I heard this all the time.

I am not denying the greatness of that circle composed with two fishes, although according to some experts, the two-fish circle can only be called yin-yang diagram, the real taichi diagram is just a plain circle. Besides, it really looks cool when a person practices taichi in that circle or builds a house by drawing that circle at the center of the house or puts that circle on the clothes. It is so popular that as long as Chinese culture is mentioned, it mostly probably comes out covered with a mysterious face with the introducers’ blinky words. If you have some questions, they would say, “it is normal that you don’t understand, it is very deep and our ancestors are too smart.”

I think just this can best show the attitude of modern Chinese to traditional Chinese culture— they pretend to know it by pretending not to know it.

One thought on “they pretend to know it by pretending not to know it.

  1. Tai Chi is a school it self in the world of Martial Arts, depending on the main subject which is the Chi itself. The Chi exists in all of us, we shoulld look for it, it takes some times to search for it, then to feel it, later may be to find it some where. In this case, after finding it, it may take years to develope it, and then to work with it, till we are able to get some mental and spiritual benefits out of it. If this is meant with the sentence they pretend to know it by pretending not to know it. The process of seeking the Chi, took me years, then also it takes a long time for many people to believe that there is an elctrical energy inside every one, many people do not believe that, even if you show them the miracles of that energy.


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