3 thoughts on “Tim Cartmell, the Irreverent Sensei interview

  1. Dear Sirs,
    First and foremost not being better prepared about putting the pets outside prior to speaking with Tim was rude to say the least. Barking in the background is fucking bullshit. You are lucky he is such a nice guy, I would have canceled the meeting. However, thank you for making this video on an outstanding gentleman and true martial artist, Mr. Tim Cartmell. I was just looking for info on Tim to send to a gentleman in Taiwan and saw the title. Good title for a landing page. You indeed are very fortunate to have captured his valuable time and as importantly his wisdom ( can only be acquired through experience) for training correctly for real world results for fighting effectively with self-control. You should have introduced my friend Mr. Cartmell more promptly, first, and discussed his message of experiences and give him all of the available time

    In any case thanks again for making this very important public message regarding the reality of training and practicing correctly or risking your well-being. I’ve known
    Tim since he was a student at Mr. Frank Woolsey’s in the 70’s in HB before he began his studies with Mr. Ted Sias. He has grown to be a quite the renown teacher but more important a great human being. Best regards, MG


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  3. I didn’t find that the two interviewers added much to the discussion; but Tim Cartmell is always worth listening to in terms of his skill, experience and real understanding of modern internal martial arts.



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