Yoga came from Europe

“What did it mean that many of the poses I was teaching were identical to those developed by a Scandinavian gymnastics teacher less than a century ago? “

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I’m sharing this article again because I really like it. I like the moments where your perspective of the world is turned upside down. When your perspective suddenly shifts and what you thought was permanent is shown to be on the same shifting sands as everything else.

These moments seem to be happening on a daily basis with the political turmoil in the UK at the moment. Democracy lurches left and right. The once unthinkable becomes thinkable, normal, everyday reality.

But the thing is, we invented Yoga. Not the ancient Hindu practice. The modern-day Yoga of tight pants and sweaty mats. The Yoga you see practiced in classes all over the country on wooden floors in rooms with steamy windows. It is Western culture given an Eastern polish and exported back to us to pander to our fetish for spirituality.

Original link removed – I think this is the same article.

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