Obama Tai Chi

The POTUS and FLOTUS know their Single Whip…


The Obamas have a bit of history with Tai Chi. Here’s Michelle Obama giving Tai Chi a try at a high school Tai Chi class as she visited in the Chinese city of Chengdu back in March 2014:


“It is a really stunning type of exercise, and I loved giving it a try,” the first lady wrote in a travel journal posted on the White House website. Press report here.
Well, it seems a bit of this might have rubbed off on her husband, judging from today’s picture of his awkward, misjudged handshake with Cuban President Raul Castro. Just as Obama reached in to shake his hand, Raul lifted Obama’s arm upwards, resulting in what can only be described as a picture-perfect Cheng-Man Ching-style Single Whip. Here’s the video:



My critical analysis would be that there’s a bit of residual tension in his left shoulder, but he deals with his attacker well. 🙂

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