The three word formulae for effortless power: “Grab. My. Wrist.”

If they say this, run!

I just saw another one of those ‘secret to internal power’-type videos online. In fact, I tell I lie. I didn’t actually watch it. You see, I just couldn’t bring myself to click play because the video thumbnail was a guy being uprooted while holding the wrist of another guy who was looking all ‘effortless’. That was enough to put me off.

The formulae for effortless power is actually very easy, I joked to myself, it’s three words “grab my wrist”. That’s it! To be honest, it’s pretty darn easy to manipulate anybody who does you the favour of grabbing your wrist and isn’t being too resistive. Of course, what doesn’t work is when they go all limp. To prove your incredible internal power you need to move people around, so a bit of resistance (but not too much: “hey, just relax!”) is required and then all you have to do is just punt them in the general direction you want to go – up, down, forward or backward – any hey presto they follow.

I’m not saying there’s no value in doing things from a wrist grab – it provides a low level of resistance to work with, sure. But I’m tired of seeing people use it as demonstration of anything ‘good’. If you want to show me your incredible internal power in use then do it against somebody throwing some genuine shots at your head or body. It would also be nice if, as a martial arts teacher, you didn’t look severely overweight. But hey, I know you can’t have everything.

I’ll leave you with this little gem from Napolean Dynamite. Rex Kwan Do. “Grab my arm. NO! MY other arm.”. Ah, we’ve all been there. 🙂

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